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Art education at Birralee Primary School involves the study of an expressive, creative and communicative form of the Arts. The art program aims to provide students with an engaging and creative visual arts program.

The first dimension of the program focuses on Creating and Making. It involves students being engaged in concepts, exploring experiences, ideas, feelings and understandings through making, interpreting, creating and presenting art work. Students perform activities that allow them to be exposed to elements, principles, materials and various types of equipment. Students investigate different creative outcomes as ways to express themselves.

The second dimension of the program focuses on Exploring and Responding. It involves students analysing and developing understanding about their own and other people’s work. Students also have the opportunity to be exposed to various artists of the past and present day. During art classes, students learn about specific artists, their techniques and about the history of art. Children are exposed to famous artists and study their style, composition and technical features of their works. These studies are often the motivation to inspire artwork produced by the students.

The focus for lessons is specific with a linked outcome that is achievable for all students. Student's artwork is highly valued and is frequently presented throughout the school on display. Art genre incorporated into the program includes units of work covering collage, drawing, painting, print-making, sculpture, textiles, construction and mixed media.

Carmela Licastro
Art Teacher