Our Curriculum

Here at Birralee, our students enjoy an extensive curriculum with literacy and numeracy as its main focus. We also take the time to expose and nurture children in the performing arts, physical education and sport, gifted and talented education, and information and computer technology.

Academic curricula:

  • High expectations of success
  • Strong academic program with excellent student results
  • Emphasis on core subjects of literacy (Spalding arts / language approach) and numeracy
  • Maths Mania (streamed math class once per week)
  • Public speaking and debating
  • Support and extension programs
  • Computer laboratory for whole-class or small group work
  • Networked computers in each classroom
  • iPads used for specific learning activities in small groups
  • Specialist Mandarin lessons
  • Specialist PE lessons
  • Specialist art lessons

Strong arts culture with opportunities for all:

  • Band
  • Private music lessons (piano, violin, wind, brass, drums & guitar lessons)
  • Junior and senior choirs
  • Dance lessons
  • Annual whole-school concert / production (singing, drama, dance, choir & band)
  • Band
  • Musical soirée

Co-curricular programs:

Sport and physical education:

  • Basic skills and movement development
  • Extension: Games and strategies
  • Focus on fitness, health and fun
  • Tennis lessons
  • Gymnastics lessons
  • Swimming lessons
  • Athletics – whole school inter-house sports, district, zone and state
  • Cross-country – grades 3-6 inter-house school sports, district, zone and state
  • Swimming - grades 3-6 inter-house sports, district, zone and state
  • Inter-school sport

Social development:

  • Play is the Way social development program (intra and interpersonal skills)
  • Excellent kinder to prep transition program
  • Senior student/prep buddies program
  • Close ties with local secondary schools; comprehensive year 6 to year 7 transition program
  • Leadership opportunities throughout the school, including the Student Leadership Team and Junior School Council
  • North Forum (student led forum for grades 3-6)
  • Junior Forum (student led forum for grades P-2)
  • Positive relationships and anti-bullying emphasis

Healthy canteen and out of school hours and holiday care programs.

A wonderful community spirit - your child and you will feel welcome and included!